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We have worked with Insta-Websites to offer a streamlined way to post on the Shelburne BIA’s Facebook page. Together, we have worked out a posting schedule for our Facebook page that allows business members to promote themselves in the community while also ensuring we advertise community events.

This is a great opportunity to increase your business’ brand awareness the the community. For the month of November, the BIA Facebook page had a reach of over 18,000, with average engagement around 200.

Below are some of the categories your business posts can be added to, along with the schedule on which they will be posted (the categories and timeslots are subject to change as we test new categories and timeslots in an attempt to increase reach and engagement):


  • Motivation Monday – will include motivational posts with soft branding
  • Tip Tuesday – will include tips and tricks with soft branding
  • TGIF – will include weekend activities and posts regarding Friday, also with soft branding
  • Community Events – will include any and all community events from, weekly pancake breakfasts on the weekend, to your upcoming yoga class
  • Business Promotion – will include posts to sell your business to potential consumers in the community, heavy branding is allowed
  • New Business – will welcome new business to the Shelburne BIA, and will include heavy branding



  • Motivation Monday: 9am
  • New Business: 1pm
  • Motivation Monday: 4pm


  • Tip Tuesday: 11am
  • Business Promotion: 3pm


  • Community Events: 10am
  • Business Promotion: 1pm


  • New Business: 9am
  • Business Promotion: 4pm


  • TGIF: 9am
  • Community Events: 1pm

How will this platform work?

Through the platform, found at, BIA members will be able to login and add their posts they wish to have published via the Shelburne BIA Facebook page. Once you have added your business’ post, it will then be approved by us to ensure the post is in the correct category and accurately represents the Shelburne BIA.

Once the post has been approved, it will then be aggregated in along with the other business’ posts into the selected category. To ensure fairness, when the time slot for the category comes up, the algorithm will randomly pull a post from the list of posts for that category, this post will then be published on the BIA Facebook page.

Who is Insta-Websites?

Insta-Websites was founded on the principal of pain-free solutions for your business’ online presence.

The direct contact information for the Shelburne BIA is listed below:

Wade Striebel


Phone: 1-888-670-8505 ext 700


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